Links not working in multi-line rich text field in New Responsive Forms designer

  • 17 August 2020
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Possible error: Links in a multi-line rich text field are not active and also disappear after editing the item. I am using the New Responsive Forms Editor.

Simple test:

  1. I defined a new list in SPO with one additional field named Info as a multi-line field. Set the definition to rich text (with all bells and whistles):

  2. Created a form on the list using the New Responsive Designer. No changes, just published it.

  3. Entered a new item with something like this:

    I entered two links besides some basic formatting.

  4. Save & Close (the links still show but are not active) and Edit the item again. The links still seem to be there (though not active). But once the field is clicked it shows like this:

Links are gone and after saving the item all basic formatting remains but no hyperlinks.

I have checked the Current Limitations (is this the latest version?) but that tells me it should work.

Question:  Did I miss something or did I hit a bug?

2 replies

@WouterT Have you received ANY help with this?  I'm running into a similar problem.  My multiline text field won't A. Allow me to enter any links if I want it to save And

B. If I have, and then remove the links, the form still throws the same error. 

I too have a field with all the bells and whistles.  I can't afford to ask the team I am building this for to individually type in links and text in a hyperlink field.  It rather defeats the whole efficiency and automation piece.

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Unfortunately I have never got a reply on this possible error. Usually Nintex replies pretty quick. But not on this one apparently. I also see that you have similar issues using a different Forms Designer than the New Responsive Forms Designer I use. At this moment I cannot advice my users anything else then to use bold and italic but not to use hyperlinks until Nintex has fixed this broadly. I must say that I also struggle when I delete the form and let Microsoft SharePoint do the job with the default edit window popping out on the right of your screen. Maybe this is related.