Javascript to change value on dropbox

  • 13 June 2019
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i have a sharepoint list with >500 rows, which were imported from an excel file. If I want to edit on of those imported entries with nintex, then all my dropdown menus on Nintex are empty, even though there are information. While the information are "transfered" to the single text fields/date field only the dropdown is empty.


I read here, that is possible to overwrite the information imported fields from the sharepoint to the dropdown menu in nintex by using a javascript. Can someone help me do it?


One example: there is one column "Country", which is a dropdown in nintex and can be every possible country. How could i use a javascript to change the value of the dropdown in nintex with the column value on the sharepoint list.


Thank you very much in advance.


EDIT: all dropdown menu in Nintex is connected to another list on sharepoint

1 reply

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Because you migrated the content over, the value in the Nintex form does not exist which is why it may be coming over as blank. I have not tested this, but what would happen if you change the dropdown column to a single line of text in the form?  You may be able to get it to show the information in the form, then reset the form back to the dropdown for new forms.