Is there a way to grab comments from an email via lazy approval?

  • 23 August 2018
  • 4 replies

I have a business case wherein I need to be able to assign a task, and receive an email back with approval/rejection and also grab additional comments from the email to then use later in the workflow.

Is this possible? So far, in my testing, I've been striking out.

4 replies

Hi Tim,

This is something my team is working on as we speak - we hope to have something to show late Sept or early Oct at this stage.

Nintex Product Roadmap 

Do you have any further details for your use case that you'd want to be able to achieve?


We have an automated system that replies to emails, and we'd like to be able to grab the ticket # from it in order to tie a certain internal process to SharePoint.

Hi Tim,

The comment capture will be in addition to the outcome (e.g. Approved/Rejected), however for us to parse the comment only and not the remainder of the email body, signatures, previous threads etc. the comment will need ot exist on the same line as the outcome, so as long as your system can do this it should be OK. 

We'll have more details on this in the next few weeks.



This is now available in product: