How to include a file/file-contents in a Web Service call from NWC

  • 18 January 2023
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Hi Nintex Community!

I am working on a Nintex workflow where I send an Http POST request to process a file. The prescribed format for this process is as seen in the Message Body of the screenshot below.

The expectation is that the file contents will be posted as a byte stream/byte array.

The Start event is : OneDrive for Business - New File. When a new file is added to the targeted folder, the workflow kicks off with the variables seen in the screenshot.

The file itself is returned with File datatype. However, I can’t convert or cast it to a string-type variable. Hence, I cannot use it my post request.


I tried other out-of-the-box commands (e.g. Convert a Value) but the available data types are limited to a pre-defined list and cannot be customised.


Can you suggest any ways to send file data as part of a web service request?

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