Default value for multi-select choice column (checkboxes)?

  • 16 December 2021
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I have a choice field that allows multiple selections (checkboxes). It does not present me with a Default Value option and I cannot set the value as a Rule. In my SharePoint column itself, I have the default value set but it will not apply to the form.


Is there any way to give a multi-select choice field a default value?

3 replies

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Hi - I have the same question. Did you manage to find a solution?

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Hi @HeidiV 

If you are using the Classic Form, its possible using some JavaScript code. Search the forum for any solution from @MegaJerk who has overcome many Form limitations by using JavaScript. Furthermore @MegaJerk explanation is terrific. Have a look at one example below  


If you are using the New Responsive Form, sorry but its impossible. 
The Form Rules doesn’t allow users to make a choice item selected or unselected.


@HeidiV if you still need help, perhaps you should make a new thread

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Hi  - Using New Responsive forms  - thank you for the info!