DateNow() doesn't provide current date

  • 26 February 2024
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I have a form built with Forms O365 (Responsive Forms designer) and at the end of the form, it captures “signatures” of the people who’ve submitted the form and the manager who will then have to approve it.

The current date is applied using the dateNow() function for the person submitting which is automatically applied but if the manager decides to approve two weeks later, the same date of the submitter is applied…. any idea why that is?

Is it because the workflow is basically paused from the date the person submitted the form and is waiting for the manager to just click approve? If so, how do you go about applying the correct date?

Below is what I use to apply the signature + the current date…


replace([Form].[Approver],"(^.*?(?=;#);#)","")+" - "+formatDate(dateNow(),"MM/DD/YYYY")


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I figured out my issue… I used the function within the task from and once the approver approves, it captures the current date and applies it thereafter.