NWC default storage Tab missing

  • 5 August 2020
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This maybe too stupid a question to ask - I have just logged into a new customer Tenant but i do not seem to have the ability to create a 'Default Storage Location'. The option is missing from the Dashboard.

I've confirmed it's there in my dev environment, it's been a while since starting from scratch and i guess i'm missing something very obvious.

Has anyone come across this before?.






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2 replies

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@marcwibbs definitely NOT a stupid question to ask 🙂 


NWC is phasing out 'Default Storage Location' and for new tenants will hold any data / documents that are needed for a workflow instance in Azure Blob storage vs. requiring customers provide their own storage location. This information is only held in blob storage while the instance is running, and is then removed once the instance has completed for security. 


Were you leveraging a custom action that interacted with the DSL, or were you just curious?

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Thanks @butlerj 

I was initially just curious as i thought it was something i needed to sort out before continuing with producing workflows.

The lack of Default storage actually makes it easier as the customer doesn't want any information being stored where/when it's not needed.

Thanks again.