Nintex workflow Update list item Permission's Connection is blank

  • 6 April 2023
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I’m trying to update a SharePoint Online List items permission but our SharePoint Online Connection is not auto loading as in the example found on YouTube :


According to above tutorial it should autoload?

My view:


When I try to add a new SP Online connection it tells me I do not have permission?


I have a Global Administrator role. Does anyone know what I need to do to get around this?


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3 replies

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Hello @HeidiV 

When creating your connection to SPO, did you create it with the SharePoint Online: Site Administration authentication method? Since the action you are using to performing site operations (item permissions), the authentication will need to be different than one to create an item.



Check out the full list of authentication methods and what actions they correspond to here:


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Hi @HeidiV ,


I have updated the Community article and video that shows how to use the Update Item Permissions action. When I originally built that video, I thought it was pulling in that connection based on the Start Event as some other actions I was working on a the time were doing that. I think I moved too quickly through the example and didn’t catch it right away. My apologies for that. 😊 As @jesse_mchargue said, you do need to have an existing  connection that uses the Site Administration authentication method for SharePoint in your environment, then the Update Items Permissions action will typically pull that connection in by default. If there are multiple connections of that type, you may have to select the one you want. If none exist, you’ll need to create one with a SharePoint account that has Site Admin level permissions using the Site Administration authentication method.


Here’s a link to the updated community article and video: 





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HI All, I managed to sort this out over the weekend. Many thanx for your replies.