Migrating to NAC - SharePoint choice column?

  • 28 November 2023
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I am migrating from Nintex for O365 to NAC. I have a process with a ton of choice columns that users must select or update in task forms. I was hoping to use lookup columns on SharePoint and data source lookups in NAC. Here are my issues:

  • Lookup column from the start event shows item ID not a label. Is there a way to fix it? 
  • When using a NAC multichoice linked to a data source variable I don't see an option to bring a default selection from SP lookup - is that the case?
  • Is there a way to update a SP lookup field using selections from the NAC multichoice linked to a data source variable? 

OR should I just stick to choice fields and maintain them in 2 locations: SP and NAC. Will that work for showing exiting selections from SP and updating back to SP? Haven't tested it yet. 



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Hi @igorsp 


Lookup fields in the API represent data as IDs, so when we get the event to start the workflow the lookup field that passes its values returns IDs, sadly there no way to change this behaviour but you can add in additional columns on the Sharepoint list settings.



Sadly however this wont change the values that are sent in the start event but it is something we can get with a retrieve item action:

This is what is sent in the start event as you can see, Title is missing:


So we can use retrieve item action the additional fields will be there:




We are currently working on being able to set default values of some controls such as lookups or multiple choice including repeating sections, I do not have a specific timeline but I am hoping soon.


However there is nothing stopping you from using a plugin that will accept default values.

This is an example you could use:


You can update the Sharepoint list column with the same format provided to Nintex, semi-colon separated IDs, sending 1,2,3 should populate the lookup with items 1, 2 and 3 .