Is NWC still being supported and developed?

  • 27 November 2023
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I have been trying to reach the development team and account manager for months with no response.  The only email I have seen is they want us to renew our subscription.

4 replies

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Good day, @davehtx - 

Yes, Nintex Automation Cloud is still supported and is being updated and enhanced regularly. Let me check into things on my end to see if I can get you connected up with your account manager.

Apologies for the lack of response! 


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@davehtx what are you trying to find out ? are you reaching to ? This is the first port of call. You should have a case ID if you had, please feel free to send it to me to investigate. 

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We had a case open and they provided a workaround that included adding two new fields to every date field in our SharePoint list that we needed to kick off workflows.

The issue is Nintex will not let you access date fields in the condition builder for a SharePoint - New or update list item is selected to kick off a workflow.

We have a lot of workflows that need to start when a user enters a date in a field in a SharePoint list. Power Automate does this out of the box.  

We were told a year ago that the developers were working on this feature.  But as of this date it’s still not available.

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Hi @davehtx 


I remember this being raised before, I will check into it for you and come back once I learn something.