Finding the correct result for a % sum

  • 16 April 2024
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Hi All


I have an order form using Nintex forms.  It shows a list price in one field (currency), then there is the partner discount % in another field (decimal) and I want to show the partner price in a different field (Currency).


But i cant seem to find the right formula to build to work this out, anyone got any ideas please?


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4 replies

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Hi Andy,


That depends a bit on how you’re listing the partner discount.  The formula for that should be {ListPrice} * (1- {PartnerDiscount) if the partner discount is just a decimal or {ListPrice} * (100- {PartnerDiscount)/100 if the partner discount is being shown as a whole number (eg .3 vs 30%).





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You can use a combination of a form variable (to calculate the Partner Price) and a form rule (to display to final Partner Price). Below is how I was able to accomplish this.

  1. Create fields for List Price (Currency type), Partner Discount (Number type with decimal), and Partner Price (Currency type).
  2. Create a Form Variable to calculate the Partner Price with these settings:
      - Name = decPartnerPrice
      - Type = Decimal
      - Value =   Form.List Price * (1-(Form.Partner Discount/100))
  3. Create a form rule with these settings:
      - Name = Calculate Partner Discount
      - If “List Price” Is filled AND “Partner Discount” Is filled
      - Then “Partner Price” Value decPartnerPrice
      - Else “Partner Price” Value 0.00
  4. Test it out in the Preview tab.


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Looks like @brent_read beat me to the punch.

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Yeah, but your response was much more thorough 😀