Create nested drop downs using Single Choice Control (in place of Data Lookup control)

  • 25 September 2023
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Nintex has recently upgraded the Single Choice Control with the Insert Option. This means that form designers are now able to include External Data Sources as Options. I recommend using Single Choice Control instead of Data Lookup as several other enhancements are planned for the Choice Controls. Effectively, Single Choice Control can now do everything a Data Lookup control can and more.

Below is an example of Nested Choice Controls - Based on the selection made in the first choice control, the participant is provided with choice options in the second field. 

Here are steps with some snapshots.

  1. Create 2 Data Source Variables for the Sharepoint Columns you need to appear as choices


  2. Drag on Single Choice Controls and select the display type


  3. In the Option for each Single Choice Control, click Insert and select DSV 1 and DSV 2 and select the relevant column (collection)


  4. Apply nesting condition on the second DSV (similar logic to what the customer used in Data Lookup)
  5. Test the condition


3 replies

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Whoo hoo. What about multiple choice control?! That is what we have been patiently waiting for.....

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@brandiwoodson coming soon. Hopefully next month :)

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I am new to NWC, i used this option for the Choice - Single and loaded the values of Choice 2 based on the Choice 1 from Azure SQL table, except, when I need to update a record, and the loading of the default value for Choice 2 didn’t show up correctly, please help me.   This used to work with Nintex Responsive form but NWC didn’t work.  The values for Choice 2 is very unstable, sometime, it loaded and sometimes it won’t. Please help.