Windows Tablet and Windows Phone End-of-Support Notice

  • 12 April 2019
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Effective 13 September 2019 (the “End of Support Date”), Nintex will officially stop supporting Nintex Mobile deployed on Windows Tablet and Windows Phone. Nintex functionality that relies solely on a specific underlying operating system operated by a third party reflects the lifecycle of that underlying OS. Accordingly, as this Nintex Mobile functionality targets the Windows 8 platform that is currently in the end of its Microsoft lifecycle. Between the date of this notice and the End of Support Date, only applicable critical patches will be implemented.


What will happen effective 13 September 2019?

  • Nintex Mobile installed as of the End of Support Date will continue to work normally for SharePoint environments. However, Nintex Mobile will no longer be able to connect to Office365.
  • Nintex Mobile for Windows Tablet and Windows Phone will be removed from the Windows App Store.
  • New Nintex Mobile and Nintex App Studio customers will no longer be able to create apps for Windows Tablet and Phone within Nintex App Studio.
  • Nintex Support will no longer cover Nintex Mobile for Windows Tablet and Windows Phone.


Support for the IOS and Android platforms will be unaffected by this change.  We encourage you to  post your questions within the community if needed.

3 replies

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Hi, does this include Microsoft Surface Go?

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Yes, this means, Nintex Mobile on any Windows device.

This is a shame.  I'd rather work on my Surface than on my phone