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  • 2 October 2022
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👋 Welcome to Nintex Ideas

As a Nintex customer, your feedback is essential to us and is a critical aspect of our planning process. Nintex Ideas is a place where Nintex customers can submit and vote on ideas across the Nintex product suite.

When you submit a new idea, you can expect the product team to review it and follow up with you if needed. Please add new ideas, comment on ideas to share your use case, and vote for the ideas that you would like to see happen!


💡 Idea statuses

The Nintex product team will update the status of each idea to let you know where it stands in our product development cycle.

  • No Status This idea has been submitted and is awaiting review by our product management team
  • Open for Voting This idea is not currently on our roadmap and we are awaiting feedback from customers
  • Under Review Our product management team is reviewing the idea to make a decision if we want to explore details of this more
  • Planned These ideas are planned to be implemented and are on our roadmap
  • Started This idea is currently in development and will likely be available in an upcoming release
  • Completed This idea has been implemented and is live for customers
  • Already Exists This idea can be achieved with existing functionality
  • Not Planned This idea does not align with our strategic initiatives and will not be implemented
  • Reported as a bug This idea has been identified as a product defect and will be managed by our traditional Support processes

📚 Resources 

We also have several useful resources available to help you get the most out of your investments in the Nintex portfolio: 

  • Product updates — See our public roadmap for future plans or keep on top of each product via our release notes to stay informed of new functionality, improvements, and fixes.
  • Knowledge base  Learn tips and best practices for each product in our extensive knowledge base.
  • Support  Have a question or experiencing an issue? Contact our team of product development experts to get help fast.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about Nintex Ideas at ideas@nintex.com

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A direct link to the Ideas Site: https://ideas.nintex.com/


It can also be found in the sidebar here in the community site by going to More Resources -> Product Feature Request: