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  • 22 September 2016
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Nintex Mobile 4.3 was released to platform stores a couple of days ago, and of about 5 minutes ago was live in the Android Play store and Windows store, so Apple store shouldn't to far behind.

So what does the 4.3 release have for us ?

  • Added support to keep a history of your sent forms and task through the new Sent area. You can easily customize the how long your sent items are retained via settings.
  • Added support to quickly and easily re-send a form. Simply open the form from the new Sent area, tap the copy button, make any required changes then submit the form.
  • Added support to display colored tags to your forms and tasks to easily identify the account they belong to.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.


In this post I'm going to focus on the first 2 dot points. The "Sent" box concept is nothing new, most email clients have been doing it for years, so by popular demand we have brought it to Nintex Mobile but with a little spice..


Firstly lets submit a form and navigate to the "Sent" folder.


Ok... Well that all new happy.png I can now see what I have and have not sent... Great, but here's the spice.. So you have these great big or not so big repeating forms, where only minor details change for the most part.. No problems.. Lets just copy one we did earlier, modify it and submit..  Firstly open the item you wish to copy..

In the top right hand corner select the box with the + sign in it.

Boom.. Done. You now have a copy of the old item, simply select the "Edit Draft" button to make your changes and submit..


Well there you have it.. The ability to see sent items with the capability to take a copy, change and submit again... Gold


Happy Trails..

3 replies

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People who are investigating if Nintex has good products for them, also ask questions like 'What for kind of company is Nintex?', 'How well do they innovate?' and 'How often are new features released?'.

Besides the awesome products, this is why I like Nintex too. They listen and innovate, given the customer more value for their invested money.

Nintex Mobile is awesome and this update made it even more so. Thanks.

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This update makes my heart flutter with joy.

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Why is this not available in desktop... only resubmit is an option.? We have a complex form and mobile won't cut it for us since person fields are not compatible withmy mobile. 


This Is a needed feature in desktop like months ago for us!!!