Moving from Paper Process to Mobile with Nintex for Office 365

  • 27 January 2017
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I just wanted to take a minute an share a really simple solution that drove a lot of value within an organization. It is these simple processes that provide a big value and quick wins and a nice ROI to show the power of what Nintex can provide. You do not always have to tackle the most complex solutions to get a reward back.

This company has a reward system for its employees. It was a paper process where users would go to a SharePoint Online document library, download a copy of a word document, fill it out and then email it to HR. This is done to keep the award nominations private. Not entering data twice, but still could be greatly improved.

To streamline this process and still have a hard copy record we created a Custom SharePoint Online List. A Nintex Form which was also mobile, was created to make the UI better as well as push the from out to our users mobile devices.  Other than keeping this form fairly simple we did use a form redirect so then the user will never touch the actual list. The users will access the form on SharePoint via a button. Now on to the automation..AKA The Workflow. 

The workflow for this isn't complex but is effective because it creates a document for them using Doc Gen Action, sends HR a notification and sets item level security on the list item so to keep things private. I took advantage of the new Set Multiple Variables action (which is just set workflow variable action that allows you to set more than one var) so then I can pass this all of the variable information to the Document Gen action to create my PDF from the old MS Word Template.  I added all the variables form the variable drop-down to the right areas with-in the document.

word template with variables added to make the dynamic document   

At the end of the workflow I set the item level permissions again to keep the nominations private. 

Full Workflow Set Up

workflow canvas


Another item that is in the works is automation of the interview review document that needs to be routed to a few different individuals within the organization. This process is another paper process we are looking to automate with the use of document generation within the Nintex platform.

The problem we solved was we took a process where individuals had to take time to find, download and attach to an email their document to a fully mobile solution and streamlines solution. Employees can now fill this out on any mobile device, we made it accessible from a menu online, which has saved time and brought in more nominations. Because of the simple process more employees are getting the recognition they deserve.

1 reply

A great use case of DocGen indeed. 

thank you for sharing.