How do Magnets Work? - Connection Manager in Nintex Workflow

So… virtual show of hands, who here knows what the Connection Manager is? If you do, well done!

What is it?

The Connection Manager is a simple way to manage connections to external providers through the Workflow Designer.

The current providers we have available are:

  • DocuSign
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce

Where is it found?

In the Nintex Live Section of the Workflow Designer Ribbon (Nintex Workflow 2013 / Nintex Workflow 2010), you will see an icon for the Connection Manager.


Why is this GOOD?

Back in the day (prior to the Connection Manager), a user had to enter the account used each time they wanted to fire off an action that required some sort of authentication. (GROSS!)

With Connection Manager, you can store the credentials to be used for those External Provider actions (DocuSign, CRM, Salesforce). (HOORAY!)

Even Better… (this is important)

When setting the Connections up, you can scope it two ways:

  • User: Limits availability of this connection to the current user account.
  • Site: Does not limit availability of this connection. Any user on the site can use the connection.

Want to get your orange(black) belt in Connection Manager?

Read this:

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