View Dependency Errors that are not being badged by designer.

  • 16 February 2021
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View Dependency Errors that are not being badged by Designer

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When trying to check in views an error is raised stating that the view has dependency issues although all badged items have been resolved.


You are not able to check in any views or forms as there are unresolved references that are not badged by the designer. When you have a data source control which was bound to a SmartObject. At some point this control was changed to a non-data source control pre 4.7 upgrade. This left lingering SmartObject properties on the control which was not cleaned. These properties cause the dependency on the SmartObject which no longer exists.




You should perform a change control on the offending control, and change it back to what the original control was. After doing this you will be able to check in the view and subsequently the form it was tied to as well.  To determine the offending control please log a k2 support ticket and reference this KB.

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