Workdesk: Start specific app

  • 5 January 2018
  • 2 replies

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We are using Workdesk to allow users to select from various applications.


Our current URL for our workdesk is:


We want to be able to pass a parameter that will allow the user to load Appliation2 or App3 instead of the default application on the workdesk.



What parameters can be set to override the default application on load?




2 replies

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Hey Tomas,


You can use the a URL parameter to deep link to a specific form (regardless of whether it appears in the workdesk config) via the query string.



You can also link directly to a specific workdesk using the query string and the workdesk ID.



The ID for a specific workdesk is located under 'Management Workdesk' and then 'Manage Workdesks'. You can append a workdesk link to the end of the main URL and it will navigate to the workdesk.


These were updates made to the WorkDesk SmartStarter and might not work for all version. 



please where can i find the package for this workdesk