List with destination started by user workflow

  • 28 March 2023
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I want to do something like report view, with all current user active workflow and show him destination his workflow.

I started by connected two SO methods from K2 (list method from - Workflow Instance Report and Activity Instance Destination) and this one works. I have list view with all current user started workflow and I can see destination user, but destination user is the FQN. So I make associations with SO UserFQN and created list display. But that doesn’t work, i don't know why data doesn't come to list display. 

Do you have any Idea why that case doesn’t work, or do you have any idea how to do it in another way?

1 reply

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It sounds like what you are doing *should* work - if you execute the User SO and the Process Instance Destination SO, do the results for UserFQN and Destination match? That is, does one of them maybe have a “K2:” prefix while the other doesn’t?