List one workflow tasks and action from another workflow

  • 13 March 2023
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We have an requirement to action a list of task in one stage(say Approver) from an existing workflow via another workflow based on a condition.

Condition: Action existing Approver tasks that are not actioned for 3 days from task assignment date. Note: Not all requests should auto close Approver task. It applicable for requests raised under certain categories.

We tried to add deadline in existing workflow but it was not applicable for all requests. So, we have to create new workflow but couldn't find the exact and correct solution.

Could you guys please assist with recommended solution to action a list of tasks of a workflow in another workflow in K2 5.5?



3 replies

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Are these tasks defined within the same workflow process (split/merging paths)? Or completely separate workflow processes? I’m trying to understand how we can determine which tasks are related to each other and then we can come up with a solution.

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Thank you for giving your time to look into this. We are having an existing workflow that have 3-4 stages. Requirement is we have to auto approve stage 1 tasks if they are not actioned for 3 days. For this case we can implement deadline in existing workflow but we can’t auto approve for all requests.

This auto close functionality is only for requests matches certain conditions. (Eg. Category = Financial Services). So we couldn’t alter existing workflow to implement this change. 

We need to create new workflow that lists all tasks matches conditions that are not actioned for 3 days.  Then auto approve all the tasks and move the task to next stage in existing workflow.


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I’m not 100% sure I fully understand everything you are trying to accomplish, but I think one approach you can try use to use the deadline, but for the Deadline’s “After a Time” property use a data field that you set to be the appropriate value at the beginning of your workflow based on all the various conditions involved. For example, create the _autoApproveDays data field and default its value to 3. Build in a condition that checks if the Category = Financial Services and via data transfer set the _autoApproveDays = 999 (effectively making it never expire).

Let me know if this makes sense or if I can elaborate further.