K2 Studio - Workflow : Unable to access the SmartObject data in Workflow

  • 16 January 2019
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Hi All,


I am very new in K2 Studio - Workflow. I have build one workflow, which originated from a View of a Smartform.

View is for to enter entry for new product details.

After entering the data, on click on 'Submit' button data will save to database (using SmartObject) and also initiate a workflow for approval/ rejection of the new product.

On approval/ rejection originator will receive an approval/ rejection mail.


I am able to do all the avobe mentioned activity, except showing the product name in e-mail setting.

In body i would like to display say example for approved : "Your product <new product name> entry has been approved."

But the body is displaing all except the <new product name>.


It will be nice, if you can let me know how the value of the submitted record can access in workflow.


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Hi JD1


There is more than one way to get your data into the workflow instance, the most common way is 'Create reference'

See this documentation


Once you create the reference it will appear under the Item References, then you can drag the required fields to your email event


Or you can create new data field in your workflow and use them in your email body.

you can pass the product name from the view/form to the workflow when the user submit and start the workflow. edit the start workflow rule and map the product name with the relevant field 

Example of start rule when you have workflow data fields:


Let me know if you need further details


Hi Mustafa,

Thanks for solution/s.