K2 Cannot Find User When Adding Into Roles

Good day.


I need to add user into a role using K2 Management. However, when I try to search any user, nothing appears.  




But when I tryto search the user in the Active Directory folder, the users can be found.


Please note that I was able to successfully add users into roles before but suddenly, users disappeared. 


Kindly help to advise if there's service I need to run or configuration I need to check.  


Thank you in advance. 

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Can you try searching by network name instead of display name? 

Hi, I have tried that but still nothing appears. Like even when I search users that contains just "a", nothing. So it's really like it's not connected to the source. But I'm not sure what to check.
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When you select the "Domains" node under "K2" on the left side of K2 Management, does the proper LDAP path appear there for your AD?
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Hi wlmrthdr,


May I ask, are you able to execute the 'User Group' system smartObject? This SmartObject is under SystemManagementUsersSmartObjects category, you can run the List method and pass in K2 label to see if that is returning any data. It's likely using this system SmartObject for the role stuff that you are trying to get the data.

Hi, Yes. The LDAP path is correct.
Hi, I'm new to K2. Can you please tell me more details where I can find this: SystemManagementUsersSmartObjects? Thank you.