Interdependent dlls files

  • 25 May 2017
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I have a project that need to connect to a set of dlls that are interdependent. The project that I need to connect to K2 has a structure of ObjectModel, Accessor and Buisness Logic.


I need to have ObjectModel dll register to be able to register the Accessor (because Accessor use Object Model). I can register the Object Model as a Endpoint Assembly but when I try to register the Accessor I have a error message that tell me that K2 cannot find the Object Model (Eventhough it is register and the dll is in K2 server bin folder) .


Do you have an idea on how I can solve this problem ?


Thanks in advance 


1 reply

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Please try below steps and see if it works


Please remove the serviceinstance that you have created on ObjectModel.

Copy all the dll's that are inter-dependent in some new folder in C: Drive. Let's say the folder name "Assemblies" so copy all the DLL's to "C:Assemblies"

Now try registering Accessor and provide the path for assembly as "C:AssembliesAccessor.dll"


Hope this works!!