How to identify who deleted workflow instance from workspace?

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We are having some audit related issues where we can see some of the process instances in running state in Process Overview Report but actual instance is missing, later we found out that someone deleted process instance from workspace while it was in running.

More than 5-8 people have access to workspace and it is crucial to know who deleted the process for the audit purpose.  In "Audit" section insdie process overview report I can see who initiated it or who repaired it when it goes to error but there is no information on who deleted it.


Is there any way I can identify who deleted process instance?




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You can find who deleted a process instance on the ServerLog.ProcInstAudit table


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Please find the simples method to check the user who deleted SmartObject ( Screenshots attached )


  • Open SQL->connect->expand database-->Expand K2-->Expand Tables
  • Look for serverLog.ActInstAudit, right click on it and select top 1000 rows
  • Under name check  the person who deleted smartobject
  • Under Description “ Descr” check the where it says detete smartobject 


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The quickest way to find results, is to run below query against K2 database:

SELECT * FROM ServerLog.ActInstAudit