How to do Virus Scan before Saving the File to Database

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Is it possible to do Virus Scan before saving the file to Database.


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Hi Hemant,


Currently this is not possible Out of the Box. 
I have logged a feature request for this on our site

However thinking about this, there are a few possible ways that this can be achieved. 
However it depends on quite a few different criteria.
1. What AntiVirus you use
2. How you save the files. IE through forms, through SP, through a standard SMO/Workflow, or do you save to a location, and save the location in the DB for retrieval.

Different solutions
1. Create a SmartObject that retrieves the file location and then sends the location to whatever antivirus you have to run a scan on .
2. Possibly use your Antivirus Rest/WebService API to run a scan before uploading. (Once again depending on how you upload the file)
You could even consume the Antivirus WeService in an SMO, and use that directly. 

Feel free to reach out to your local services team for direct hands on assistance in creating this if you need assistance. 

Hi DeWetLombard,


Thanks for your reply and thanks for logging feature request.


i am uploading the Files through in smartforms (k2 Attachment control) to DB using SMO. i will check for the feasibility as per your suggestion.