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In order to help with our testing I'm aware of two possible off the shelf testing frameworks - PowerToolz and Velocity. Can anyone offer any advice on the pros and cons of either piece of software? In particular the views of anyone who's used both would be especially welcome. And if I've missed any other suitable product that would also be most welcome.



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Velocity test tool is awesome . we are using it.

Great, thanks - did you do an evaluation or compare to eg PowerToolz before you started using it? Does it allow you to setup a continuous integration process whereby any changes pushed to a given server prompt the tool to run all tests? Thanks again

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Hi sjb,

Our company are in the same position, our applications are Smartform heavy.

I have been trying to write a test plan using Selenium and it works but it takes too long to write.

We then looked at Selenium – IDE recorder and Katalon - Automated recorder however they are not a fan of K2 controls.

Which lead me to your post, I have looked at Powertoolz and BenchQA which would both fit our need, i am just wondering did you pick one in the end?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Can someone recommend to me how to pick the right automation tools?