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Error with workflow variable

Hello All, I have this error since this morning when a user validate a task No change was made for several months to the workflow Anyone ...

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How Can I hide items in a list based on the conten...

Hi Everybody We're using Nintex on SharePoint online. We have a list that can contain potentially sensitive data. When users fill out a for...

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How can i get the name of the person who approved ...

Let say i have a task assigned to a group of people by using the "Start a task process", inside the user group have 3 people (e.g. User A, B, C),...

  • By joelau
  • August 02, 2018  00:07
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How to set default for a lookup column using jquer...

I was wondering anyone could shed some lights on this. I want to set default to EN ENGLISH on my list lookup (Language) as below but its edita...

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Pre-Populating form with getQueryString

Essentially, I'd like to replicate this functionality in Nintex 365: Problem is, the function fn-GetQueryString() does not seem to be in ...

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Can I create more than one forms for a SharePoint ...

Hello, I have a list with multiple fields. I would like to create two forms for a SharePoint list. For example, form A will be assigned to p...

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