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Flexi Task with only one option - auto selected

Hi all, during last years, several times I've encountered projects when the best suitable action in order to ask a user to do something in a w...

  • By jackgelo
  • September 11, 2017  00:42
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July 2017 Mission - Fix it and run!

Hi all and welcome to a new Community Mission! In this mission you don't have to build a form, you don't have to build a workflow so..what you...

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Customize workflow notification

Hi, you all may know how to customize the body of a workflow notification (sent by a Send Notification or by any task action) but, what if you...

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Send grouped notification based on list items

Hi, Often here on the forum someone asks how to send a notification based on a list/library grouping items instead of sending one email for ea...

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Forms - is it possible to have an hyperlink field ...

Hi, I'm using Nintex Forms 2016 and I'm wondering if there is an easy way to make an hyperlink field (tied to a sharepoint column) in display mo...

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Nintex License for O365

Can anyone tell if I have a Nintex license for SP 2016 on premise, can the same license be used for SP Online? I have an online tenant too and we are...

  • By munmun
  • August 06, 2020  04:52
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Nintex Forms 2013 with SharePoint 2013 Not Working...

Hello, I have a Classic Nintex Form (for some reason the responsive option does not show up on load) 2013 on SharePoint 2013 and we are hoping ...

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Using Expression to Enable Form Field

Hello, I have a form with a choice field (ex: Choice_Field with options "A" or "B"). If option "A" is selected I want the field, Optional...

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SOAP: Server Failed to publish (Workflow limitatio...

Hi everyone Due to the size of my workflow I have the following error message: Soap:ServerServer was unable to process request ----> F...

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Remove special characters from lookup field

Hey there, I am trying to get the text value from a lookup field (this is looking up another SharePoint list) without the special characters in the...

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