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Migrate or export Nintex Task forms from SharePoint on-premise to Office 365

Hi,I am Migrating SharePoint 2013/2019 Nintex on-premise workflows to SharePoint Online/Office 365 using Sharegate tool.Many of the on-premise workflows have "Assign Flexi Task" action and these task ...

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Get account name in domain\username format in Nintex Workflow for O365

Hi, we recently migrated from SP13 to SharePoint online. On SharePoint 13, we have a request form where user submit request to access to an application and that application accepts login name in domai...

In Nintex for Office 365
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Fix Office 365 Nintex Forms "Input string not in the correct format" SP online vs SP

Recently I have migrated to SP Online fro mSP 2013 and migrated all my Nintex worflows and forms using Sharegate. When I open a list with Nintex form, I see,"Input string not in the correct format" er...

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Nintex for SharePoint 2019 release date?

Hi,Is there any planned date of Nintex forms & workflows for SharePoint 2019?Thanks,Krishna.

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Nintex upgrade to SharePoint 2016

Hi,I am going thru Nintex upgrade to SharePoint 2016 , and want to use the existing Nintex configuration database from SP2013.As per the article, I understand that to backup and restore the configurat...

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Migration Tools (specifically ShareGate and AvePoint)

Hi All, I'm curious is anyone has an opinion on pros and cons of ShareGate and AvePoint for migrating SharePoint sites with Nintex Forms and Workflows. Do you like one over the other? Why? Thanks fo...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by mkrupey
  • | April 06, 2020 19:03
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Switch Logic with Email Notification

Dear All,I am trying to send customised emails to 2 set of users based on the list value input by users. For example, if the user select Japan in the SharePoint form, an email should be sent to Japan ...

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Nintex Services for External Forms on SharePoint 2016 On-Premises

I have spent a lot of time looking for documentation and guidance on two things for Nintex External (Live) Forms:1) which Nintex services are required to run to enable external forms to work properly,...

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Ninitex for O365 create document from content type template

I have a list and a library in SPO. In a library I have a single site content type with a custom Word template. Once the item is created in the list the workflow creates a document in a document libra...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by igorsp
  • | July 10, 2018 14:44
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