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After the migration of our Sharepoint our nintex f...

We are receiving an error " Sorry, something went wrong Unable to find the default new form for list [List Name] ". I tried deleting the nin...

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O365 create item action error The field or propert...

Our workflow is working fine all along then it suddenly experience the error "The field or property 'Other_x0020_ResourcesId' does not exist. ". We d...

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Exchange Online create calendar item issue (The us...

My workflow that has an "Exchange Online create calendar item" action has been working fine for several months then suddenly this week the workflow s...

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How to monitor workflows that has been suspended o...

Hi, Is there a way i can monitor if the workflow failed to run either terminated or suspended. Because i can't click all the entries and manua...

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How to let the user subscribe or unsubscribe to em...

Hi, We have this group that involves many users. But as time goes by a lot of them has been transferred to other team. We want to have a email...

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Query List and send Items by email in a workflow

Hi All; Is there a way to query a list and send all Items output by email (one email with all items)? I have tried to put the output into a co...

  • By asadki
  • May 01, 2017  19:20
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