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Office 365 Actions Fail With Error: 'The Username Is Invalid Or Does Not Exist'


When a Nintex for Office 365 workflow configured with one of the Office 365 workflow actions runs, the workflow suspends with the error: 'The username is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the username specified' in the workflow history.


  • Verify that the username and password within the Office 365 action is correct (eg. vs.
  • Verify that the account being used does not have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled, as MFA is not currently supported by Nintex for Office 365
  • Verify that the action works with an account vs. an account. Success with an account vs a domain account will indicate an issue with ADFS. The Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer can be used to investigate ADFS issues further. 

Additional Information

Steps for testing with Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer: Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer
  1. Select Office 365 tab
  2. Under Office 365 General Tests select 'Office 365 Single Sign-On Test'
  3. Select 'Next'
  4. Fill in domain user credentials and the verification captcha
  5. Select 'Perform Test'
  6. Review results for ADFS errors

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