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Drawloop - File / Document not attached to the Adobe Sign Agreement


The Adobe Sign / Nintex Sign Agreement does not populate the generated document


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Adobe Sign Upgrade guide:

Adobe Sign Release notes:


To support the admin control of the document storage type, a new control has been added to the Custom Settings > Adobe Sign Settings set of controls.

This UI maps to the custom object Agreement_Document_Storage_Type__c

Viable setting values are:

  • {empty} - If the value is empty, the default behavior is based on the install version of the package
    • Version 23.0+ will default to Files as the default storage type
    • Versions prior to 23.0 will default to Attachments as the default storage type
  • Files - Strongly defines Files as the default storage object for Adobe Sign document
  • Attachments - Strongly defines Attachments as the default storage object for Adobe Sign document

1. Navigate to Custom Settings
2. Locate the Adobe Sign Setting and click Manage

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3. Select New for the Organization Level Value



4. Locate the Agreement Document Storage Type > enter the value "Attachments" and Save.



5. Navigate back to the Adobe Agreement record and refresh the page.  The generated document should now be present as it is an Attachment. 

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