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Nintex Newbie

Which services is Document Generation dependent on?

I need a little bit of explanation on what does the WF document generation action and the Update document/convert document actions depend on in SharePoint configuration.


Basically I need explanation/resources that explain the SharePoint on premise portion of it.

My understanding is that the "update document" and "Convert document" actions depend on both:

- The word automation service application.

- Document Conversion services.

And here is a question regarding the above, are the Document Conversion services obsolete in 2013? Check this article:

If so, how is this feature functional currently in 2013 and 2016? Has it been renamed, repurposed, redesigned, or using a different service.... !
My other question is what does Dog Gen depend on?
- is it a stand alone feature, or does it fully depend also on the "Word Automation service application" and the same "Document conversion services" ?  
Please help with any resources that explain how these actions function and which services they depend on, especially if something has been deprecated!


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Which services is Document Generation dependent on?

Nintex Doc Gen is our own version of the Document Automation, Creation and Conversion all in one and adds more functionality than what you can do out of the box. It allows for converting documents between doctypes as well as tagging and injecting data into documents for document creation. I'm not 100% sure on what is or isn't in 2016 vs. 2013 but our version of Doc Gen works across 2013, 2016, 2019.

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