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Restrict the Use of the Enter Key for Responsive Forms

Is there a way, using Responsive Forms, to restrict a user from hitting the enter key?

In our case, we have a form tied to a document library, where the user loads a document, completes the Nintex form, and then hits a "save and submit" button.

The form is comprised of mostly required fields but two fields are optional. The problem is when a user hits the enter key (instead of say tabbing to the next field), it submits the form as long as all the required fields are completed. This causes two problems: 1) None of the data the individual entered before hitting the enter key is saved, and 2) the document is left in a checked-out status.

If the user does NOT hit the enter key and instead use their mouse to click the "save and submit" button; the document is automatically checked in as well (a must for us). I cannot make the optional fields required. The whole point of the form is useless if I cannot prevent the user from hitting enter. I understand there might be a way to prevent it using Classic Forms, but I am interested in the Reponsive Forms.

Thank you!

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