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Nintex Newbie

Project Rollup Solution - Create printable master Form from Sub-Forms ideas

Currently I have a SharePoint 2013 On-Premise w/Nintex 2013 Forms/Workflows.

I have a new project I'm working on and I'm looking for ideas from the community on whether my Nintex platform or a different tool(s) could be used to achieve the following requirements:

01. Individual project Managers fill out a Nintex Form or other document/form they've been assigned

02. Monthly automatically compile all of the projects into one Master Document/Form with a dynamically built 'Table of Contents' w/Pages indicating start page of each project w/link to index directly to the individual project within the master as well would be nice.

03. Master Document/Form also needs to be printable

04. Once Master Document is produced send an email with link to the Master Document to interested parties.

Suggestions/Ideas would be appreciated as I'm not sure that Nintex Forms is the way to go with the above requirements.




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