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How to set item permissions in a list workflow


I am facing a strange issue in setting permission in current list item. I am querying users form a different list based on some conditions and trying to provide the permission to that user. There is an option to remove existing permission in set permission task. whenever i check that check box and run the workflow, it is removing the access of that user from the site. I want to set item level permission that will be accessible to some users but do not want to revoke the access from the site. Can anyone help e with regard. Your help will be much appreciated.

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Re: How to set item permissions in a list workflow

Hello -

I have not ran into this issue before and we use it for regulatory fillings that need to be restricted at certain points of the item's life. Without knowing specifics about the rest of your workflow and environment, I would start with confirming that the user has access to the site and list prior to running the workflow. Then run it to see what results you get. The action will (given the way you set it up) strip out ALL PERMISSIONS from the item and then apply the new ones you provide.

Essentially you are automating breaking inheritance and providing new permissions.

If a user, by default, has only permission to the specific list, and is then stripped out with this process, and not reapplied, they would ultimately be removed from the site.

Let em know what you find and I hope this helps!

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Re: How to set item permissions in a list workflow

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your reply.

Prior to setting item permission to the list, I am providing access in to the site as well So that user can come and see their dashboard. But after running this workflow some times user get the access to few list items and for few items wf is failing and user is getting remove from the site.

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