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Get nintex workflow templateID



I have several workflows that are manually run on a list.


The first workflow sends an email out to users that contains a link to the form of the next workflow etc.


I got the address to run the workflow by selecting an item in the list, going workflows then clicking the workflow.





Within the email I build a new link and put the correct item ID in it. Everything works fine.


Whenever I publish the workflow, the TemplateID changes causing the links in the emails to point to the previous version of the workflows.


As there are several workflows and several emails its somewhat annoying to update the templateID's manually.


Is there anyway to point to the current templateID for a workflow?


I have looked at the workflow details in SPD and found a .xoml.wfconfig file that has a NintexWorkFlowID but its unable to open to form using that.


Any ideas?



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