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Email Text to Display URL


Very new to Nintex.

I've a collection which gathers SP items and their display names.

I've another collection which gathers the items url.

I've built a string which lists the collections in a downward list, as opposed to a list with a semicolon which is a collections default output. I've done this so the collection can be listed in an email.

build string = fn-Replace({WorkflowVariable:colClientName},;,</br>)

How can I show the display name in a downward list as above, yet the display name clickable with its corresponding url?


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Email Text to Display URL

Hi Andrew Wilkie‌,

Here is how you can create the site workflow:

Query list, and get all the ID's in the collection.

Create For-Each loop with ID collection.

Within the loop: Set a variable called varTitle = ListLookup, Title where ID = varEachId (from For Each loop). Add Build string action, set multi line text variable called varText as below:

Outside the loop, add another build string function and complete the html.


store this to Text1 again.

Add this variable Text1 as insert reference to email notification and test. Hope this helps.