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Workflow timing out

I have a simple workflow that sends out an email to a committee of people for approval, once all approve, I get an email back telling me all have...

  • By davdaj
  • January 24, 2018  07:34
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Populate form columns with SQL Request

Hi, I wonder is there a way to get data with SQL request and fill specific newform.aspx columns with data from request? For example, a new ...

  • By kari
  • January 24, 2018  05:47
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Nintex workflow not starting on 1st item

We have a nintex workflow on a list in SharePoint on-premise environment. When we create 1st item on the day, workflow does not trigger at all bu...

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List workflow to save an element attribute into th...

Dear Community, I am looking for a smart way to add information to the workflow task for management & controlling when running a list work...

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How do I create a Parent Child Form to update the ...

Hello, I am using Nintex Forms 2013. I have 2 lists. 1. Departments - Parent table. This is a list of all of the departments. Field "Depar...

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Change error message for Unique value validation

Is there a way to display an error message to the users to indicate that the submitted item is not unique? I've a form that has two values inser...

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How to make a calculated field editable ?

I have two fields in my nintex form for share point 2016, one is a "user name" field and the other one is a "user department" field. The use...

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Execute SQL with ODBC Connection

I need to create workflow using "EXECUTE SQL". For this, I need to connect a database using ODBC connection. I've already created ODBC on th...

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Removing first character using Regex

Hi everyone I have a fairly simple question but I just can't figure it out. Basically I have a list with a column called Serial Number. Typicalll...

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Pause workflow until new item is added

Hi All I am new to Nintex workflow. I have a scheduled workflow that runs on a certain day and kicks off an email after the email I want to...

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Link for Nintex form or change New Item to Nintex ...

Hi, I'am able to create Workflow as well as Nintex form to a list say (Test). Now how can I share this link of Nintex form when submitted, It sh...

  • By nvk1305
  • January 23, 2018  05:18
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Choice button not able to click in vew mode Tabbed...

Hi Team, I designed nintex form in a tabbed format. which it contains 3 tabs, The issue is tabs are not able to click able in the view mode. I...

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