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Workflow Send Reminder for Many Tasks All Due Different Dates and Different Users

Hi everyone! I need some help!! 

I've got a list of tasks for about 13 different people, and each person's task is due on a different date. 


The task is asking for each user to submit their monthly / bi-monthly / or quarterly report, and each report is supposed to have it's own unique naming convention AND each one has to go into a specific folder, with it's own unique permissions.


I really have no idea how to do this other than maybe creating a task list and then setting up a site workflow that will loop through each task item and then send an individual email to the person(s) that their task is due.


How do I enforce the required unique naming convention? 


I've attached a picture of the spreadsheet I'm working off up. As you can see, the frequency / timing expectations are all a little different, the naming conventions are different, and the folder they need to be submitted to are different. 


Can anyone help!!!

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