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Which Workflow Action/s shoud I use less to have a smaller ‘*.nwf’ file size ?

This is related to Defensive Workflow Design Part 3 - Separation of Concerns to have a workflow to be less than 500 KB.


My assumption here is that each time you add a Workflow Action, a certain file size is added to ‘*.nwf’ file.

You can check the corresponding file size of each Workflow Action by:

  1. Creating a new blank workflow
  2. Drag the workflow action to the workflow
  3. Export the workflow
  4. Check the size in the dialog "Do you want to open or save New_Workflow.nwf (17.4 KB) from server ?"


In this case, workflow action "Log in history list" will be 17.4 KB in file size.


So another question will be, Is there a table out there that list all Workflow Actions and their corresponding file sizes?


If there's a table out there, you can use it for the following:

  • Plan ahead which workflow actions you should include in the current workflow
  • Decide whether to create a new Sub Routines (Child Workflows) or not depending on the calculated file size
  • Remove workflow actions that you use during development e.g. Log in history list
  • Redesign workflow with the same outcome but with a different set of workflow actions
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