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Start a Site Workflow from a List Workflow

I am working with a SharePoint 2013 list. I have a simple workflow that updates the Status field based on the Due Date field and the current date. I need the workflow to execute when an item is added or edited, and once a day on all items. What I have determined so far:


  • A list workflow will fire manually, as well as when an item is added or updated. But I can't schedule it.
  • A site workflow can be scheduled to fire daily quite easily, but it won't fire when an item is added or updated.
  • A list workflow can launch the site workflow (when an item is added or updated), but then the site workflow will cause the list workflow to fire each time an item is updated.


I suspect there is a way to tell the list workflow not to fire when the site workflow is updating an item, but I am not sure how that works. Or is there a simpler way to achieve my goal here?

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