Retrieving a dropdown field value from within a workflow

I have a SP 2016 Nintex form. A workflow fires when the user clicks on the save button. The workflow retrieves values from each control and stores them in a variable. Later this variable are used to update list item.


I know how to retrieve values from fields that have single line of text as data type. But not sure how to retrieve values from drop down. I have a drop down control called, "Category." The user selects a category. Category is a list in our site collection. How can I have workflow retrieve the category the user selected and store that into a variable?


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Re: Retrieving a dropdown field value from within a workflow

Pretty much the same as creating one for a single line of text.

Choose workflow action "Set variable". From the action's General ribbon bar, choose Variables then New. Create variable "sltCategory" of type "Single Line of Text" and hit Save. It will return you to the Variables window; click Close to return to the Set Variable Action window.
In the Set field, select your new variable, "sltCategory". Choose Equals > Value and click on the Insert Reference icon. Select "Category" from Item Properties tab by double clicking it, and click OK.

Click Save in the Set Variable Action window and you are done.