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Removing a Filter on a Form

I have a form where one of the fields is a lookup field.  The lookup field (can select multiple records) has a filter on it to only display records where a column call Status has a value of New.  This works fine and the user reviews all the new records available for selection.

However, once the lookup record is selected then as part of the workflow the Status column in the Lookup library gets updated to a value of Sourced from New.  Thus, the next time the user goes into edit the record the lookup record no longer displays the previously selected record since the lookup record has a status of Sourced and not a value of New.

It should be rare that after a record is created that a user will need to update the lookup record (as an example the user may wish to remove prior lookup record selections) but it may occur and as of now this is not possible. 

Is there an option I can create within the form where the user can remove the filter via some type of toggle OR should I create a new form that would exclusively handle updates for this field ?  If any of these options are viable how would I go about implementing this option

Note I am hesitant to permanently remove the filter as the lookup field would display over 500 records. 

Perhaps my best option is the Cassy Cascade option as mentioned in this post ?  Would the Cassy Cascade option provide me with the most flexibility ?

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Re: Removing a Filter on a Form

I agree with using the ‌ 's cascade. Getting +100 items on a control is not a best practice.