Nintex WF / Form 2013 in Chrome vs IE, experiencing data loss

I am experiencing issues with data loss using Chrome versus IE.  In IE this works just fine.  


My workflow uses some custom Java to help capture notes against a task while the task is being worked, and the "Complete Task" button has not been clicked.  In IE, the notes are captured and through the use of the custom Java the notes field will capture any comment, and if multiple are added, then they are appended to the chain of comments.  In IE I can enter one to many, and the notes are always captured.  In Chrome, none of the notes are retained at all in the Notes field, this ends in a data loss.


Now the issue may be with Chrome and custom Java, and it could also be with my current version of Nintex Workflow and Forms.  I'm using Nintex Workflow 2013 version and Nintex Forms 2013 version  Unfortunately, I don't get the option to just update my versions when new ones are released.  Has anyone else experienced any data loss using Chrome and did you get it fixed in Chrome?

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