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Move (not copy) list item into folder on same list (not library) with web service calls

Hello Community,


I have a custom list where I'd like to use folders for permission handling. I have implemented a list that will contain many tens of thousands of items and a workflow that moves new items to a different folder. That folder has permissions that hide the item from regular users including the user that created it.


My WF uses SharePoint web service calls to move the item, which works fine so far as SharePoint is concerned. So far, I have not noticed any negative issues in the Nintex framework arising from this technique. I found Nintex and SharePoint WF histories to be intact and accessible.


We are considering using this technique at a large scale to generally avoid using Set Permissions WF actions. The idea is to have folders with the desired permissions (whatever those may be) and reuse those permission scopes rather than create unique permissions for each list item. We have the need to have possibly 100 thousand items and fear that unique permissions will not scale past certain hard and soft limits. Even with 20,000 items using Nintex 2019, SQL sometimes ends up timing out transactions due to the Set Permissions action.


Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful on this subject.





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