Is it possible to attach a workflow to a list template?

I want to use a site workflow to create a discussion list once a month. I can use the "Create list" option for the site workflow and it allows me to chose a template to build the site from. However, i need the new list to have a workflow. The workflow is the same for every list that will be created. 

Is there a way to create a discussion list that has the nintex workflow attached and then save it as a template to be used by the site workflow monthly?

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Re: Is it possible to attach a workflow to a list template?

I have run into this scenario previously.  I was able to solve it by creating the list in a new site and then publishing the workflow to the new list by calling the Nintex Workflow Web Service.  You could store a copy of the exported workflow (.NWF file) in a library and use the PublishFromNWF method in the web service to publish the workflow.  The service endpoint for the web service is in the format of:




Here's a link to information about the Nintex Workflow Web Service: Nintex Workflow Web Service Methods

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