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Community News - November 27, 2017

Community News - November 27, 2017

New in the Nintex Product Blog!
  • We just released Nintex Workflow for Box, and we're already adding to it!  We've added two new actions to the Box Connector that provide the ability to "Get file metadata" and "Set file metadata." These new actions allow you to build workflows that can manipulate the file's Enterprise Metadata as the workflow progresses. See more in Product Manager Joshua Tan‌'s post: What's new: Get and Set Box Enterprise Metadata 
  • Did someone say, "Document Sets?" Seems this recent release for Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2013 is pretty popular. Find out if it's coming to SharePoint 2016 in Nintex Technical Evangelist Thomas Clark‌'s latest: What's New : Document Set Forms in Nintex Forms for SharePoint. 
Let's Talk!
The Nintex Product Managers want to speak with you! It's true! Find out how to set up a chat to let them know what you think about the products they're building! Speak Directly to a Nintex Product Manager! Here's how 

Nintex xchange Conference

xchange image

We think our annual conference is pretty neat, but it's better to hear from people who've attended.  Nintex virtual Technical Evangelist Rhia Wieclawek‌ offers three reasons you should go: Top 3 Reasons to Attend Nintex xchange 2018 

And after hearing from her (let's be honest, if Rhia says it's good, it's good), click here to register while there's still discounted pricing!

Cool Community Content
Click Here to Help Answer Someone's Question
I haven't mentioned it in awhile, but did you know we have a space in the community where you can find all the unanswered questions? Why? Because it's nice to have one spot to go see if you can help out a fellow community member! It's here: Unanswered Questions