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Nintex Newbie

How to hide a lookup field based on the calculated field value.


I got a requirement to create a Sign Up form for the Visa Corporate cards, we have total 3 corporate cards. 

once the card is booked no other user can book the same card.

For this requirement I have created 2 SharePoint list.

1st list called cards.  I have created the below mentioned fields,  cardsavailable and available are calculated fields.

2nd list is a actual sign up sheet called visa corporate. here I have added a lookup field that comes from the 1st list(cards)

Then I built a nintex form on the sign up sheet and added a lookup field with the below mentioned filter condition, when the card is available on the 1st list then only it will appear on the sign up sheet, otherwise not shown up in the dropdown field of the lookup field.

What I want, if the all cards are booked on the 1st list, then what formula can I use to hide the lookup field in the sign up sheet? Note: when all cards are booked on the 1st list then drop down field shows no values (cards). #


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Nintex Newbie

Re: How to hide a lookup field based on the calculated field value.

If you only have 3 cards, what you can do is have a rule with 3 lookup functions (one for each card) and if each card is reserved, hide the control
Something like this :

lookup("Cards","ID", 1,"available") == "no" && lookup("Cards","ID", 2,"available") == "no" && lookup("Cards","ID", 3,"available") == "no"
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